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Below you will see the more frequent questions that are asked of us. However if you don’t find your answer below then please use the contact form to ask us.

How can I donate a bike?2021-08-16T15:27:13+00:00

Thank you, we welcome your support. Please fill out the form on our Donate A Bike page.

What kind of a bike condition do you accept?2021-08-16T15:27:32+00:00

At Bikes4Kids we accept:

  1. Bikes that are in good working condition that we can refurbish to give away
  2. OR bikes that can be recycled for parts in order to fix other bikes.
I know of a family in need of a bike, what should I do?2021-03-03T18:06:43+00:00

Contact us using our form on Need A Bike page and we can put you in touch with appropriate people.

What comes with a bike from Bikes4Kids?2021-03-03T18:16:58+00:00

Each bike is given away free of charge and comes with:

  1. Safety and maintenance instructions
  2. A helmet
  3. A lock
How can I donate some money to Bike4Kids?2021-08-16T15:29:11+00:00

1.  You can use our online donate via PayPal secure payment system. Just click on the “DONATE” button on the home page or the footer of every page.

2. You can send us a check made to “The Robert and Wilma Burbach Bike Foundation” and mail it to:

1207 Constance Boulevard N.E.
Ham Lake, MN 55304-5398

How can I volunteer to work with you?2021-08-16T15:30:17+00:00

Thank you, we welcome your support.

Please fill out the form on our VOLUNTEER page and we will contact you.

How can I receive a bike?2021-03-03T18:15:45+00:00

We usually donate our bike through charitable organizations that we work with or partner with. Please contact them and make your request through them.

Do you accept high-end bikes?2021-08-16T15:31:11+00:00


When we receive a high-end very valuable bike we sell it and use its proceeds to buy parts to recondition and repair other donated bikes.

Won’t You Donate Today?

Very easy to do just click the button and fill out the form!


When people receive a bike from Bikes4Kids we often receive wonderful messages of thanks. Here are a few:

Thank you for making me the bike. I love riding my bike, so the fact that I got a bike is epic! Thank you guys for the new referbished bike it’s awesome.

Noah & Logan
Thank you so much for the awesome bike! You have no idea how much this will help me so I can get to work!!:) Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Thank you so much for my bike! It’s exactly what I wanted! I ♥ the water bottle holder because my old bike didn’t have one. Thanks again!
Thank you so much for the bike. I am so grateful I can go on this trip. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much!! That date is coming up fast!! Thank you again for all your help in getting my boys new bikes! I haven’t told them this, as I want it to be a huge surprise for them!! I’ll probably cry happy tears when they get them, as my boys have never had new bikes of their own!! I appreciate you so much and blessings to you and your family as well as this organization!!

Thank you for the bike. I love how I have one now that is spring and summer is crepping by even tho it is in like 3 months. So now I can go biking and have adventers with friends. So thank you so much and may God bless you and your family!
A Friend

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